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Make Art Now!

Posted in Products by Gluekit on November 18, 2007

Hey there! Gluekit encourages our faithful readers and intrepid shoppers to check out a design near and dear to our heart– Dustin Amery Hostetler’s (Upso’s) “Make Art Now!” t-shirt.

Dustin chose the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo, a great regional non-profit arts agency that develops and promotes the visual, literary, and performing arts (all stripes and colors) in Northwest Ohio. Among their many programs and services is a summer youth employment program that apprentices young people with arts organizations and promotes intensive exposure to the business of making art. ACGT also provides grants for artists, organizes high school and community competitions and shows, and partners with civic and local organizations to keep the arts front and center in a number of Ohio towns and cities.

One of the things we’ve enjoyed as the organizers of Part of It is learning about the non-profits and charities that artists select. It’s also been really fascinating to discover which artists choose to act locally, and which artists choose national or international efforts. Oftentimes, their choice is subtly suggested in work they’ve done elsewhere– or seems obvious when considering their background and interests. The diversity of vision that Part of It artists and designers have shown exemplifies both the rootedness and the complexity of social responsibility, and the many levels at which organizations and individuals can act.

Just think– if everyone followed UPSO’s imperative, how different might the world be?


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