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Miss Moss Gift Guide

Posted in Press, Products by Gluekit on January 3, 2011

The wonderful Miss Moss blog featured Part of It’s Yes Yes Yes! tote (designed by Benjamin Critton) in a recent “Black and Brown” gift guide. We’re big fans of Miss Moss, and hope you’ll check out her wonderfully curated site.



Posted in Artists, Products by Gluekit on July 1, 2010

Part of It artist Jeremyville will soon be releasing new toys at Kid Robot! From love and money to death and cheeseburgers, each 1-inch musing from the Thoughts in Jeremyville runs amok through the mind of Australian artist.

Mike Perry shirt – 50% off Sale!

Posted in News, Products, Sales, Uncategorized by Gluekit on June 17, 2010


Posted in Products, Sales by Gluekit on June 9, 2010

Diamonds and Noise

Posted in Artists, Products by Gluekit on January 31, 2010

Wyeth Hansen blogs about his experiments with color and type that eventually led to his design for “Make Some Noise.”

Read more about it here!

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Genevieve Gauckler: New colors!

Posted in Products by Gluekit on December 20, 2009

Geneviève Gauckler is a Paris-based artist who creates numerous lovable characters, blends them into everyday life scenes and turns the fantastical world into reality with her magical power. She has an evident taste for simple, colorful shapes. Into everything and constantly amazed by the world, Gauckler handles and creates images and shapes with dexterity and innocence. Two books have been published about her work, in Japan by Gas Book and in France by Pyramyd.

Cyan and Magenta

Posted in Products by Gluekit on December 20, 2009

Mark Owens: Inherit the Wind

Posted in Products by Gluekit on December 19, 2009

Mark Owens is a designer, writer, and filmmaker. He founded his studio, Life of the Mind, in 2005, and pursues conceptually based projects in print, motion, and apparel design. Before starting the studio Mark earned an MFA in graphic design from Yale University and worked closely with a number of New York design studios, including three years in the on-air design department at MTV Networks. Mark has been a visiting faculty member both at Yale and Art Center College of Design and contributes regularly to the postpunk / Marxist design journal Dot Dot Dot. More info at partofit.org.

Coming Soon: New tee from Stefan Sagmeister

Posted in Products by Gluekit on December 12, 2009

Coming Soon: New tote bag from Jean Jullien

Posted in Products by Gluekit on December 12, 2009
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